Rising Deep
A puzzle game where each move raises the water
Climb ontop of eachother. Combine each characters abilities to save all 3 from the sinking ship. Made over 3 weeks in 2014
The Spelunker: Drop ropes for you and your comrades to climb. Careful you don't run out!
The Climber: Carry your comrades along ceilings to reach new areas!
The Engineer: Hack computers to unlock doors and create platforms
2020 Notes: I'd love to remake this game at some point. Currently the game suffers from it's visual style. Nothing is functionally obvious before your character reaches it and a text box pops up. It's also not clear what abilities the characters have before the situational action occurs, which limits the players ability to plan ahead and create interesting solutions to the puzzles. The game also starts off very difficult, without much sense of progression. This said, I've had some fantastic eureka moments playing this game and finding unexpected solutions to puzzles I thought unsolvable.

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