An alien arena free-for-all for up to 4 players
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:: Play as infested insects in this fast-paced free-for-all for all ages.
:: Jump multiple times through the air. The dots on your back indicate how many you have left.
:: Hover at different heights to avoid enemy shots.
:: Shoot neon bullets that can ricochet off walls. Careful you don't deplete your energy!
:: Reflect your opponents shots back at them with 3 tiers of bullet.
:: Dash through powered up projectiles and reach destinations faster
:: Mutate yourself by squashing parasites dropped by your foes and gain new abilities
- Music by SinFrog - Trailer by Thomas Evans Sherlock
Battle it out in 4 different worlds all with their own unique flavor of stage hazards
Play either solo or co-op in 2 unique arcade modes, each with 8 different arenas
Destroy the targets as quickly as possible in Target Smash mode
Fight through the vicious Hydra and its waves of bullet patterns
It's not over when you're dead! Play as your soul and Change the outcome by reflecting back bullets or dropping parasites on your rivals. Become a spectator by reacting with your soul or just causing mischief.
INFEST YOUR FRIENDS! There are 5 different types of neon parasite that will infest the players in different ways, giving (or removing!) different abilities for a short period of time. They will spawn naturally but can also be pooped out by the flying souls of dead players.