About Me
Games are the perfect medium for me as I'm a technically minded person with a creative background. I'm extremely passionate about creating interesting systems and experiences that can encourage people to see games in a new way.
I've been developing games independently since early 2014. My first title was an entry to Ludum Dare 29 using GameMaker: Studio; A game about mutilating my face and exploring the possible outcomes of my impending bimaxillary osteotomy (Jaw Surgery).
From a young age I loved games with level creators, and made a bit of a name for myself in the Little Big Planet and Platform Racing communities. In 2014 this passion evolved into Game Jams. Alongside many an entry to Ludum Dare using both GameMaker: Studio and UE4, I ran a self imposed 'One Game A Week' over the summer holidays prior to starting at NUA.
Late in 2014 I enrolled at Norwich University of the Arts to study Games Art and Design, with my specialism in games design. The course being primarily art based, I was one of the few students to specialize into a design role over an art one, so in group projects I always put myself forth as the game designer/programmer and producer.
I graduated Norwich University of the Arts with in 2017 with a First.
Since then I've kept up with the occasional game jam but my main focus has been developing and marketing Neon Parasite, which is set to release in October 2020
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